Press Release: SIL/Wycliffe Denies Removing Father-Son Terms from Bible Text: Biblical Missiology Responds


SIL/Wycliffe’s recent news articles (Facebook postSIL newsWycliffe Canada) claim that they do “not support the removal of the divine familial terms…” Sadly, the truth is that they not only support removing these terms, but they have actually been involved in the production and distribution of such translations for years. The “substitute” terms they are using are not accurate, faithful translations, but rather deny God’s Fatherhood and Jesus’ Sonship and deity at each point where they change God’s Word. For example, one of SIL/Wycliffe’s Arabic translations of Matthew 28:19 says:

“…baptize them with water in the name of God and His Messiah and the Holy Spirit.”

This is only one example out of hundreds of verses in dozens of translations where “Father” and “Son” have been changed, in essence, “removed”. This is not accurate, faithful Bible translation.

Denials without addressing the evidences detailed in the Fact Check, the claims put forth by nationals and evidences given by  SIL/Wycliffe members only create deeper character issues for Wycliffe/SIL as now they not only have done these mistranslations, but are covering them up and deceiving donors.

For more details please see (

Please sign the petition to keep “Father” and “Son” in the Bible text in every language.


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