Wycliffe, SIL & Frontiers Controversy In the Media


We wanted to have a page that has updated articles discussing the exposé Biblical Missiology  has brought before the public about the mistranslations that organizations like Wycliffe, SIL and Frontiers are committing. We will continually update these pages as more articles are written:

Biblical Missiology:

The Petition: Here is the Petition, We ask that you read it, and sign it. Also please share it with others.

The Fact Check: The Fact check is a response to Wycliffe’s initial denial of the evidences given. The Fact Check is a detailed 16 page document giving evidences to the abuses of Wycliffe, SIL and Frontiers.

Press Releases: Please view our press releases. We find this the easiest way to respond to the quickly changing issues we deal with in short succinct responses.

Signatory Comments: The following is a visual and geographical way to read the comments of petition signers from around the globe. The Christian World is outraged by these Bible Mistranslations.


News Articles:

  • AFA Focal Point: 

Video 1: Translators omitting “Son of God” from Bible to not offend Muslims
Video 2: Changing the words of God to appeal to Muslims a huge mistake







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