We want your articles!

Thus we encourage people to submit articles, news and events to Biblical Missiology.

Core to our writings is the Word of God, and thus all articles must be rooted in His Word. We have created a Statement of Practice that we believe addresses many missional concepts according to the Word of God. We ask that all writings be in alignment with our Statement of Practices. Any writings conflicting with our Statement of Practice will not be published.


Our target audience is mainly the average christian in the church, or the average missionary who is trying to learn about Missions and different methods and strategies. While articles can be deep and somewhat academic, they need to explain more complex concepts so that a new reader can understand what’s being discussed.


We are looking for the following types of articles (Avg 2-7pgs):

  • Articles that proactively promote methods, strategies, theological views and ideas on how to do missions, proclaim the gospel, live the Christian life, all Biblically.
  • Articles that analyze current trends and how they stack up to Biblical analyses.
  • Articles that are reviews of trainings, books, videos, etc…

Please follow the Biblical Missiology Writing & Style Guide.

Events & News

If you have news, a training or event that is in alignment with the Biblical Missiology Statement of Practice, please submit a small article (~250 words) describing the event following the Biblical Missiology Writing & Style Guide.

How to Submit:

Submission directions are in the Biblical Missiology Writing & Style Guide.


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