Biblical Missiology has many authors, experts in their areas of domain from around the world. Find the articles written by author below.

Pat and family have been involved in ministry in for 25 years, 10 of them in the arab world. For seven years they were involved in a church planting team in North Africa. They are currently involved in missions mobilization, church ministry , and education on South Florida.1 Articles

Ralph (Dave) Westfall is wrapping up a second career in teaching computer information systems at a public university in Southern California. Although raised in a somewhat Christian environment, he tried atheism in his youth but that didn't work out very well for him. After struggling with alcohol and anti-social behavior for years, he was invited to a church through door-to-door evangelism. In the second week he put his faith and trust in Jesus and was baptized a week later. His conversion was literally a life-changing experience. He has been walking with the Lord ever since, although God's path has taken him through two churches that had a lot of problems. Nevertheless he learned a lot about how to follow Jesus through his experiences in those situations.1 Articles

Joshua Lingel is the executive director of i2 Ministries. He has pursued his area of passion and expertise, Muslim evangelism and Islamic Studies, at six universities in the United States and Europe over the past 19 years. He has earned degrees and pursued post-graduate studies at the University of Washington, Harvard University, (SOAS) University of London, Knox Seminary and Biola University/Talbot School of Theology. Focusing on Political Science and then Philosophy of Religion and Ethics for his graduate work - he later pursued post-graduate studies in origins and early emergence of Islam, contemporary issues in Islam, Radical Islam/terrorism, early Islamic archaeology, textual criticism of the Qur'an, Islamic law and missions with Muslims. Joshua has done extensive research on these subjects and knows many of the best scholars in theses fields of research. He has written papers on "The History of Quríanic Textual Variants" and "Arthur Jefferyís Project for the study of the Qurían" (Soon coming, Brill Press, 2010). Josh has been asked to participate and/or give scholarly papers at the Corpus Coranicum - Exploring the Textual Beginnings of the Qur'an (University of Berlin); The Syriac Aramaic Qur'an (University of Notre Dame) and Inrah Institute for Research of Early Islamic History and the Koran Conference 2008. In 1999 he was the recipient of the Leighton/Sandy Ford Leadership Award in Evangelism through Billy Graham Ministries. He has been involved in leading large groups in inner city evangelism amongst the local mosques in Seattle, Los Angeles and London in addition to evangelistic outreaches into the 10-40 Window. Joshua is well known as a global missions strategist, conference speaker, trainer, and apologist; networking and giving support to numerous catalytic Christian leaders and movements throughout Asia, Africa and South America. He was also on the pastoral and teaching staff of Mill Creek Four Square Church in Seattle, WA. Joshua has trained numerous groups of students and missionaries globally in Christian Apologetics to Islam and currently teaches at Biola University/Talbot School of Theology the only undergraduate and graduate course in the world offered on Christian Apologetics to Islam. Joshua is the co-Director and mentor of the Scholars with a Dream (SWAD) program, which scholarships and trains 100 Evangelicals with PhD's in Islamic Studies in the West. Most importantly, Joshua is the Founder and Executive Director of i2 Ministries, which aims to equip the global church to effectively evangelize Muslims. i2 Ministries provides intensive Muslim Ministry video courses and training curriculum for church based training structures globally. Joshua is married to Jussara and is expecting their first child.1 Articles

John M. Drescher was Minister of Scottdale Mennonite Church, Scottdale, Pennsylvania. 1973-1978, currently lives in Quakertown, PA.1 Articles

June Engdahl is a retired legal secretary having spent most of her career working in a large San Francisco law firm. She now resides in her native Minnesota and is a member of Mission Orthodox Presbyterian Church in St. Paul. She edits the articles of Rev. Bassam Madany, a retired radio missionary to Muslims, who writes on several international websites.1 Articles

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