Missiology is a fairly recent discipline that specializes in the study of missionary theory and practice. Missiologists tend to be social scientists most of whom hold degrees in Anthropology, Sociology or Intercultural Studies. Rarely do we read a book on missions written by a theologian. This Biblical Missiology blog desires to promote a Biblical Missiology based on solid evangelical theology that derives its concepts from the entire Bible and particularly from the life and teachings of Jesus and his Apostles. Jesus modeled for us how to live and serve. Our master trained his disciples and sent them to put to practice the lessons they learned from his example. The gospels and the book of Acts are sufficient to provide for us a strong foundation of biblical missiology. As we seek to engage Muslims for Christ, it is necessary to be respectful of their cultures. However culture must not dictate the message. We must be culturally sensitive without compromising the message of the gospel.
Georges Houssney


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