Contextualizing the Culture not the Gospel


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As a Christian from a Muslim background (CMB) I am baffled by some who sometimes confuse culture with the gospel. While it is good to contextualize the culture, we must NOT contextualize the message of the Gospel. I have never taught converts to leave  their communities or families.  That would be non scriptural. Of course it is best if CMBs stay in their community to be the light.

What is upsetting is that some missionaries have taken it upon themselves to tell the CMBs how to live in their own culture.  These missionaries have diverted completely from what they have been commanded to do by their Lord,  that is to share the gospel and make disciples. The role of the missionary is to be a disciple maker, not an expert  in Islamic culture.  The new convert, like a new born baby must have his spiritual milk daily from the Scriptures under the mentorship of the missionary.  Yes, converts may ask for help from the missionary on issues with their culture or family. The missionary should not fall into the temptation of giving advice. He must help the convert maneuver through the Scriptures and prayer to seek the LORD for answers and guidance.  The Holy Spirit has a proven record for centuries in guiding new converts from all backgrounds in difficult circumstances, why now must we come up with methods to help the Holy Spirit do His job?

I don’t care how the CMBs pray biblical prayers: sitting, standing, driving, or in bed.  As long as it is a biblical prayer to their new Father in heaven and that they do not get mixed up between the old and the new way of thinking about God.  I don’t care if  people in the new house church sit on chairs, or on the floor.  As long as they read, teach, and preach the Scriptures (the Bible, not the Qur’an). The missionary must guide in biblical worship and preaching.  The  nationals would customize or contextualize what they learn to their own culture, but they must be corrected when they innocently Islamize the gospel.  They do not know any better, the missionary with the biblical knowledge should know.


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Elijah Abraham, is the founder and executive director of Living Oasis Ministries. Elijah's story began in Baghdad in 1965 when he was born to an Iraqi Shi'ite Muslim family. At the age of 15, his father sent him to the Europe because of the incredible suffering the Iraq-Iran war brought on the country, and to spare him the compulsory military duty and an almost certain untimely death in battle. Living on his own in unfamiliar surroundings, Elijah began to explore the Christian faith, an endeavor for which he suffered physical harm at the hand of other Iraqis around him. This was due to Saddam's command to bring more Iraqis from overseas to fight his war with Iran. Elijah fled to the USA in 1987, began to attend church regularly and finally accepted Christ in 1995. He subsequently obtained a degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas. Since the events of September 11, 2001, Elijah has been educating US churches about Islam, the Islamic threat and how to reach Muslims for Christ. In addition to being a speaker, teacher and media personality, Elijah has trained missionaries from the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention. He has also taught in the many nations around the globe and a number of closed Muslim countries. He has served as Director of two other non-profit organizations, as Minister of Missions for a local Baptist church, an Assistant. He has given a number of radio interview (Today's issues) with AFR radio, Janet Parshall show, Live the Word with John Nieder DFW. He also written couple of articles on Elijah also speaks to political, conservative, and business group about exposing the Islamic agenda in the US. He loves preaching the word and call for repentance.

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