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The most powerful tool for evangelizing Muslims.
If we were to count the many ways God brings Muslims to himself, it would take a book. Well I am writing that book. But here in this limited space I want to share with you the very most powerful tool God has been using to draw Muslims to himself: It is the Bible God’s revealed written Word.
In my 26 years living in America I have found that many mature Christians are so familiar with the Scriptures that they do not realize its power. Well known verses such as “God so loved the world” is not such a big deal to most Christians. But to a Muslim who never knew of God’s love, it is dynamite.

At a conference of Christians from a Muslim Background (CMBs) I asked the 80 or so who were present: “What was the most critical factor in your coming to Christ?” Several responded that it was John 3:16. Years ago when I was a teen, I heard a truck driver in Lebanon tell his story that he have been addicted to drugs and other social and moral ills. When he was resting from a long drive one day. Some papers blew with the wind in his direction. A sliver of a page from a book landed on his knee. When he held it to read it he had no idea what it was. But the message was so powerful that he wanted to find the entire book. When he inquired he realized it was the gospel of John. The verse was John 3:16. “He later on sought to understand God’s love and a Lebanese pastor led him to Christ. He later on became a gospel preacher.

As a young worker back in 1971 I led a team to North Yemen. After a power admonition by my team leader at the time, Greg Livingstone, I vowed before God that I would take with me on this trip nothing but Gospels, NTs and some full Bibles. As I gave gospels to Yemenis I met, some of them returned the next day with red eyes. They had spent the entire night reading the gospels. They were struck by the power of the Spirit and in three weeks 35 Yemeni men prayed for salvation. Some of them in tears.

A great number of CMBs I have met over the 4 decades of ministry have been led to Christ strictly through the reading of his Word. Maha from Egypt was given a gospel of John by a passer by on the streets when she was 15. She was so afraid to be discovered reading it, she hid it so well that she did not find it until 10 years later. She sat down and read it and as she said she was unable to put it down.

At midnight two hours after she began to tell me and my wife her journey out of Islam, she said that reading about Jesus in John made her fall in love with him. Something she never felt before as a Muslim about Muhammad or God. She had never spoken to a Christian. The very next day after reading the entire gospel of John, she looked for a church and the pastor explained the way of salvation. She committed her life to Christ and proceeded to go to seminary in Lebanon where I met her.

K from a North African country received in the mail a small book which we call “Skinny Luke” because it is very small and weighing only one ounce (28 grams). He read it and wrote for information. Now he is a pastor in his home country. I have so far met three North Africans who have accepted Christ as a result of the huge mailing of 100,000 Skinny Lukes to North Africa.
Do we really believe that the Word of God contains the power to draw people to God?
Try to give a portion of God’s Word to Muslims and see for yourself. Of course it would be much better to read the Word with them.

Hey: Did I say anything about the Quran? I don’t need to. When you have the most powerful tool God uses, don’t settle for anything else.

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  1. Najum Tasneem,
    May God bless you through His Word. I cry out of happiness reading the article and your comment. May God lead you to constant growth in Him. May God lead thousands to you so you could share the Good News. Please, never be ashamed to be a Christian.

  2. Najum Tasneem on

    This is realy a great service to Lord and this all happens through God’s plan.I too here in this Islamic country do serve Lord.and God is using me.I would love to have more guiednce in this matter please do keep on sending me the litrature.
    Thanks and much grace to you.
    in His blood and body relation a strong faith christian brother,
    Najum Tasneem

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