Engaging Islam written by Georges Houssney, has been received warmly by many who have hailed the book with a sign of relief, “It’s about time.” It’s about time someone spoke the truth in love about Islam. It’s about time a book is published with a strong appeal to see Islam through the eyes of the Master. It’s about time, the model of Jesus is applied practically in ministry to Muslims and workers among them are not just informed about Islam but are given tools to reach Muslims.

The 208 page book has 14 chapters. It begins with a short bio of Houssney’s upbringing in the predominantly Muslim city of Tripoli, Lebanon. His dramatic conversion and the ensuing struggle to love a people he has grown up to hate are woven into real life stories of Muslims he grew up with. Stories of conversions are spread throughout the book with lessons drawn from the lives of those who have experienced the transforming power of Christ.

Although the book does not directly deal with missiological issues, the biblical missiology stamp is all over it. Love dominates the book from beginning to end. Loving Muslims the way Jesus loved them is not only encouraged but there are practical tips of how to exercise that love. Engaging Islam closes with the challenge to open our eyes and see the open doors that no one can shut.

Pre-release price $10 before Nov 17. $14.95 there after. To order and for bulk prices write to: orders@engagingislam.org

Here are what some of the endorsers have said about this book:

    “Few persons have so faithfully ‘laid down their lives’ that Muslims might find the Lord Christ and eternal life as Georges Houssney. I’ve watched his life and ministry since 1968…he’s earned the right to exhort and teach us all”

      Dr. Greg Livingstone
      Founder of Frontiers

    “I have had the privilege of personal friendship with Georges Houssney for over forty years. He is one who walks the talk, which is why I am so excited about this strategic, must-read book. I will be getting one hundred copies ASAP to give to friends, especially pastors and leaders. Being born in Lebanon and growing up and serving in that part of the world gives him insight that many writers about Islam will not have.”

      Dr. George Verwer
      Founder of Operation Mobilization, author, renowned speaker, world missions advocate

    “The transformation of Georges Houssney, from a teenage hater of Muslims to a rest-of-his-life lover of Muslims, is a story of God’s overcoming grace. In this book you will find down-to-earth, practical examples of not only loving Muslims, but seeing them come to Christ, both here in the States and in several countries around the world. The case studies are invaluable for all who would like to work with their Muslim neighbors. And along the way, Houssney gives a very balanced and realistic picture of what Islam really teaches. The title should be “Engaging Muslims,” for that is what the author has done his entire adult life and up to this present time. If the average evangelical would read and follow the teaching in this book, we would see a change in the political and religious landscape of our land.”

      Dr. Don McCurry, President, Ministries to Muslims
      Author of Healing the Broken Family of Abraham

    “With a magic smile and shining eyes, Georges Houssney welcomes students, international visitors, church people, and mosque people, switching from English to Arabic with no trouble at all. Beneath Boulder’s blue sky, and across the street from the University of Colorado, Houssney runs a dorm for international students. There, they discover what it means to be cared for.
    “But beyond the pine forests of the Rocky Mountains, Houssney has a heart for his homeland, Lebanon, and for Arabs everywhere. In his Engaging Islam courses, he trains people to befriend Muslims. In other camps and conferences, he helps followers of Jesus from Muslim backgrounds to connect and take courage from one another. Academic courses are fine, but witness can lead to agony, tough choices can result, and cutting-edge guidance may be hard to find.

    “Houssney stands in the gap, wrestling with the academic as well as the practical and real human dilemmas of following Jesus. Georges empowers others to serve in the name of Jesus.”

      Miriam Adeney, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Global and Urban Ministry, Seattle Pacific University; Teaching Fellow, Regent College; Adjunct Professor, Fuller Theological Seminary
      Author of Daughters of Islam and Kingdom Without Borders: The Untold Story of Global Christianity

    “I am so glad Georges has put decades of personal experience and creative communication skills into the writing of this book. The resultant, well-documented, well-argued text comes across as a writing of the heart-and Georges has a large heart! I hope that readers will be informed by a competent commentator on Islam and challenged by a man with a holy passion to share the Gospel with Muslim friends.”

      Rt. Rev. Dr. Bill Musk, Assistant Bishop for North Africa and Rector of St. George’s Church in Tunisia
      Author of The Unseen Face of Islam and several other books on Islam

    “Reading Georges Houssney’s book, Engaging Islam, was like being taken on a guided tour into the world of Islam, and shown firsthand how to engage Muslims with the transforming power of the Gospel. One soon realizes that Georges is not leading us on some academic exercise, but rather on a journey that sums up his heart’s passion and his life’s work, which has been to reach Muslims for Christ. It does not take long to realize the privilege the reader has to learn from a man who has ministered among Muslims for over forty years. His wealth of experience ministering among Muslims and training others to do so provides him with plenty of personal experience to draw from. His lifetime of study provides him with penetrating insights into the mind and heart of Muslims, which will be an invaluable resource for all who have been called into ministering among Muslims. His practical instructions on how to engage Muslims should be studied by every missionary candidate to the Muslim world. His confidence in the power of the cross to transform the Muslim who comes to faith in Jesus Christ will inspire every reader to want to get started in engaging his Muslim neighbors for Christ.”

      Rev. Tat Stewart, Talim Ministries, Minister at Large to the Persian speaking world, teaching and mentoring Persian speaking leaders

    “Engaging Islam, by Georges Houssney, is an outstanding work about how Christians can be effective in engaging Muslims and reaching them with the Gospel. Georges comes from a Middle East Christian background in Lebanon, so he writes from personal experience in engaging Muslims. His book displays a broad knowledge of Islam and Arab culture, and recounts many stories of Muslims who have come to Christ. I have known Georges and his work for years and can recommend him and his book.”

      Rev. Sam Schlorff, Th.M. missiologist, veteran Arab World Ministries missionary
      Author of Missiological Models in Ministry to Muslims

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