Welcome to the second Biblical Missiology PodCast.

In this episode a panel talks about the terminology of the word “Christian” and it’s use by believers, how muslims see it, and whether or not we should be using the term.

Episode: 02

Title: What’s in a Name


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  • Pierre Houssney – Evangelism & Discipleship teacher and Director of Communications for Horizons International. He frequents the Middle East doing ministry and training. He is part Lebanese, and part American, truly a third culture.
  • Al-Fadi – Former Wahabbi Muslim from Saudi Arabia, Co-Author of “Quran Dilemma“, Researcher, editor, writer and translator of numerous ministries including “Answering Islam” and runs an outreach ministry designed of non-Muslim and Christians.
  • Elijah Abraham – Elijah Abraham was born in Iraq and grew up as a Muslim. Due to persecution from Saddam’s Embassy and its spies Elijah fled to the United States in mid 1980’s and began to attend regularly a church wherein he eventually became a convert to Christianity. He obtained a degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas. He is executive director of Living Oasis Ministries and is a speaker at many conferences around the nation.


  1. Salaam-Corniche on

    Many thanks for the podcast. Just took a quick look at the book of Hebrews where the Christian minority was obviously under pressure from the outside. They were not perfect people yet it is said of them that Jesus was “not ashamed to call them brothers” (2:11), and God is not ashamed to be called their God (11:16). Yet it seems that present day Christian missionaries who are advocating “followers of Isa” are ashamed to be associated with Christ.
    Additionally the Christians were called:
    the sanctified (2:11); brothers [of Jesus] (2:11); the ‘holy partners in the heavenly calling’ (3:1); the believers (4:3); the people of God (4:9); the called (9:15); those who desire a better country (11:16); sons (12:5); the saints (13:24).

    Keep on keeping on
    Salaam Corniche

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