Welcome to the sixth Biblical Missiology PodCast.

In this episode a panel talks about issues how churches can build biblically-based missions programs to reach the unreached.


  • Scott Seaton – Scott Seaton is the pastor of Emmanuel Presbyterian Church (PCA). Prior to his current ministry, Scott served as a PCA missionary, a church missions pastor and the director of the PCA’s international ministry to Muslims. He also is the lead author of “A Call To Faithful Witness,” the PCA’s 2011 overture related to Muslim Idiom Translations.
  • Bill Nikides – Bill’s passion is for working with and equipping leaders working in Muslim cultures to plant and grow strong reproducing churches. He has designs and leads seminars that focus on leadership issues for people working in the challenging environment of the Muslim world. Bill also has a zeal for writing. He is collaborating on two book projects right now. He has also written extensively on missiology and theology and is considered an authority on insider movements. He is an ordained pastor in the Presbyterian Church in America, the former moderator of the International Presbyterian Church (IPC), a body located in Europe that was started by Dr. Francis Schaeffer, and assisted in the development of the Presbyterian Church of Bangladesh (PCB), a growing denomination of Muslim background Christians.
  • Jeff Morton – Jeff Morton (M.Div. and D.Miss., Biola) is an adjunct professor of intercultural studies at Biola and missionary with SIM and i2 Ministries. He worked among Muslims in West Africa for nine years and since 1994 in the U.S. His favorite food is malted milk balls. He is author of the books, ” Two Messiahs” and “Insider Movements: Biblically Incredible or Incredibly Brilliant?
  • Mark Stephan – Founder and Editor in Chief, bibmiss.wpengine.com, served 6+ years in Central Asia
  • [Moderator] Pierre Houssney – Evangelism & Discipleship teacher and Director of Communications for Horizons International. He frequents the Middle East doing ministry and training. He is part Lebanese, and part American, truly a third culture.

Episode: 06

Title: Building a Biblically-based Missions Program




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