Biblical Missiology has had many articles published in the past 4.5 years that we have existed. Our first article was published in late 2009, and ever since we have tried to present articles that help you consider what is a Biblical Missiology.

Now we are collating some of the best articles that have been written for a new class called, “Engage.”

Engage is a practical course of study, equipping you to engage Muslim people with the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is a 10-week course that helps Christians take the next step to understand and to reach their Muslim friends, neighbors, and to go overseas.

While the course may not yet be available in your area, take a look at the attached brochure. The creators of Engage are producing a set of materials, study guide, video lectures, etc so that soon you can offer this to your church, campus or small group.

Engage’s pilot course will launch in Grand Rapids, Michigan beginning September 17, 2013. Help us launch this exciting and valuable training curriculum through prayer or by attending. If you are in the Grand rapids area, be our guest and visit one of the classes. We need and invite your ideas and critique.

Pray with us, Abraham and the early pioneer missionaries to the Muslim World…

“Oh that Ishmael may live before thee…” Genesis 17:17

Now here is your part to get involved. Pick your Favorite Biblical Missiology Article that you think would highly benefit students to read.

Fill-out the form below and send us your feedback!

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