Check out this week’s Brigada article.

In this issue…

1) Make a Positive Difference in the Lives of Saudis Today

2) Ideas for Praying In-depth for United Nations Goals

3) Learn [LOTS] More about Multiplying Disciples

4) Remind Your Small Group about When Helping Hurts

5) Credit Cards: What’s the Story in Other Parts of the World?

6) Brigada Member Care Resource List: 26 Pages of Great Help

7) What if Your Friend Emailed You like This?

8) Language Acquisition Training with TRAIN International

9) Getting Copyright Law Right

10) Register a Business in Yunnan Province

11) “Selection Team Manual” Ready for Your Review

12) “Curious about Counselling Centers for Missionaries” Produces

13) “Love Across the Latitudes” Just Released in its 6th Edition

14) The BackPage: “Cover” vs. “Concealment”: Only Christ is Victorious

15) Closing Stuff

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