[VIDEO] Real Love Casts out Fear


While the West reacts in fear to the refugee crisis, where Muslims are a tiny minority, Christians in the Middle East, already a tiny minority, are now surrounded by a vast sea of mostly Muslim refugees.  After decades of conflict between Christians and Muslims, Churches in the Middle East now find themselves in a position to be salt and light, and are seeing a time of great harvest!

Today is a new day in the Middle East, and in the midst of the Syrian crisis, God is doing an amazing thing in Lebanon. Flooded with refugees who are both physically and spiritually hungry, evangelical churches in Lebanon have begun to respond by showing Christ’s love through humanitarian aid and sharing the gospel to an unprecedented extent. I’m finding many Christians who are catching the vision to reach Muslims – we’ve had over 20 churches involved in various ways at our training center for refugees, and over 50 volunteers who serve regularly, sharing the gospel, praying with, and discipling hundreds of refugees who have decided to follow Christ! 

This video testimonial, of my close friend and colleague, Boutros, tells one of the many stories of normal people whom the Lord is using. 

Real Love from Horizons International on Vimeo.

Please join us in prayer that the Lord of the harvest would raise up thousands more like Boutros! Join me in praising God that He is using Boutros powerfully to share his newfound vision with pastors and leaders around Lebanon, and many have been responding! And consider how you might allow real love to cast out fear, and obey Jesus’ call to ‘love thy neighbor.’

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Pierre Rashad Houssney, MENA Regional Director for Horizons International, is a Lebanese-American who grew up in the context of cross-cultural ministry among Muslims and international students. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Northern Colorado, and is fluent in English and Arabic. He has been in full-time ministry with Horizons International since 2006, and has been an active member of Horizons’ teaching staff and curriculum development team since 2002. He played a lead role in the development and teaching of the Engaging Islam and Cubs to Lions training curricula, and co-edited Engaging Islam (Georges Houssney, Treeline Publishing, Boulder, CO, 2010). Pierre has traveled to over 30 countries, and his field experience in the Middle East began when he spent summers doing outreach in Lebanon as a teenager and spent a gap year during university doing music ministry in Beirut. Pierre lives in Beirut, Lebanon, with his wife, Gigi, and their two children, where he leads a team of nationals and missionaries who run a center for evangelism and discipleship among Muslims. As a key part of Horizons' teaching staff, he trains Arab and Western Christians for effective ministry to Muslims, and is active in missiological advocacy among the global missions community. Pierre is a team player, and loves to see new leaders thrive and work together to glorify God. He is well-connected to Lebanese churches and those who minister to Muslims in the Middle East.

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