In just three short weeks, Legacy 2018: Liberty to the Captives will be coming to Dearborn, MI. A conference about reaching Muslims with the heart of God, Liberty equips and mobilizes the church to engage Muslims with the gospel. Featuring plenaries, breakout sessions, and Q&A sessions from some of the world’s most prominent scholars and evangelizers in the Muslim field, Legacy addresses important aspects of church planting and discipleship, and educates believers about the spiritual falsehoods, cultural barriers, and emotional challenges ex-Muslims face on their Christian walk.

Over the last 16 years, Legacy Conference has changed hundreds of lives; many of today’s respected evangelists and missionaries attribute their original calling to the teachings they heard, and the people they met, at Legacy. This is because attendees are able to connect with a thriving community of scholars, teachers, missionaries, missions agencies, and churches who are united in outreach to Muslims both at home and abroad. This community offers countless opportunities for involvement, whether in the missions field, training ministry, or at your home church.

One full-time missionary to Muslims, who has asked to remain anonymous, recently shared testimony about her first Legacy Conference:

I attended Legacy 2016 in the middle of four months of preparations to move to Dearborn in a full-time ministry capacity. I had just graduated from college and was eager to serve the Lord but was also wary of what lied ahead. Through the speakers, musical worship, exhibitors, and attendees, the Lord confirmed to me that, yes, indeed – He dearly loves these Arabs living in the darkness of Islam, and He wanted to merge my life with some of theirs. Two years later, I am grateful for that time of training and networking, and for how He strengthened my convictions and affirmed my life/ministry trajectory at Legacy.

 Linda Raymond, who has served for over 4 years as Horizons International’s current Cubs to Lions Director, recounts how her first experience at Legacy revealed God’s calling over her life:

Legacy Conference is what inspired me to go deeper in ministry to Muslims. I already felt a desire to reach Muslims, but my experience at Legacy is what convicted me to pursue that ministry as a vocation. The training I received built my confidence to talk to strangers about my testimony, to witness to Muslims, and to involve myself in training Christians from Muslim backgrounds. The biggest thing I took from Legacy is that you have to start somewhere, and God is faithful to use you wherever you are in life. With the confidence Legacy gave me, I was inspired to follow God’s leading and begin working in Muslim ministry.

Stories like Linda’s are not uncommon. Legacy 2018 will give you the spiritual tools and confidence to bring Liberty to the Captives. Featured plenaries are by Mark Durie, Jay Smith, Georges Houssney, and Amani Mostafa—check below for a list of topics and other speakers this year.

Additionally, this year’s conference will be preceded by a Biblical Missiology Pre-Conference consultation, which is open to the public and which will discuss important theological and missiological principles in bible translation.

Biblical Missiology Pre-Conference:
Issues and Approaches in Bible Translation

Bible Translation

Unfortunately, many bible societies have adopted the spirit of the age and have become unfaithful. The powerful trends toward “modified literal” and “dynamic equivalent” interpretations of scripture have led to dangerous evangelistic and missions approaches that compromise the integrity of God’s Word.  This meeting will be a consultation and strategy session on how to proceed in the field of bible translation, including discussion about forming a new Bible Society based on solid biblical principles and linguistic accuracy.

The pre-conference will begin at 2pm on Wed, May 30, and continue until Legacy Conference begins at 1pm on Thurs, May 31.  Attendees are invited to participate in the discussion.  Dinner on Wednesday and lunch on Thursday will be available for a nominal fee.



After the Biblical Missiology Pre-Conference consultation, Legacy 2018 will begin on May 31. Aside from inspired and informative talks from leaders in the missions field, there will be ample opportunity to meet and talk to speakers and sponsors.

What is your role in the Kingdom? How is God calling you to carry out the Great Commission? We are all blessed with unique gifts that make our testimony and work valuable, as the Holy Spirit guides us in our service. Legacy is intended for all Christians who seek a deeper work and relationship with the Lord, as it addresses the most important issues in evangelism to Muslims today. Below is a list of some speakers and topics you will find at Legacy 2018:


Plenary 1: Jonathan Swift — Preaching the Gospel of Peace Multiculturally

Studies predict that in the next decade, the population of the USA will grow more racially diverse than at any time in history. Muslims represent a growing portion of that diversity. Church leaders can view these changes either as a threat or as an opportunity to reach the world in our backyards, by developing multicultural congregations. But the opportunity also presents a real challenge: how does the preacher, with his own cultural lenses, effectively preach the gospel to a culturally diverse congregation? This session will explore how Scripture addresses this challenge.


Plenary 2: Panel Discussion —Local Church Ministry & Church Planting Among Muslim Immigrants
Speakers: Trey Hancock, Fred Nichols, Jonathan Swift, Jeff Davis. Moderated by Barbara Yandell.

“Belonging” describes the challenge of local churches in welcoming Muslim visitors and converts out of Islam. Successful and experienced Dearborn-area pastors, church planters and missionaries share insights and methods of equipping the local church to evangelize their Muslim neighbors and the teaching of converts out of Islam. New believers from Muslim backgrounds must find in Christian fellowship a welcoming, familial identity and sense of belonging if we are to faithfully disciple them.


Plenary 3: Mark Durie — Liberty to the Captives I: The Bondage of Islam for Muslims and non-Muslims

This session outlines the Biblical principles of freedom, outlines the covenantal structure of Islam, and identifies key points of bondage Islam imposes on both Muslims and the church.



Plenary 4: Georges Houssney — What God is doing in the Muslim World

Millions of Muslims around the world are leaving Islam. Georges Houssney will report on movements to Christ in many countries, with a special emphasis on what God is doing among refugees in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Turkey. He will also describe the increase in conversions of Muslim international students in the U.S., with a focus on Saudi converts. This plenary will build your faith in the gospel, and encourage you to participate in what God is doing by reaching out to Muslims wherever you are.


Mark Durie — Building Health and Freedom in a Christian from Muslim Background Church Community

This breakout describes keys for discipling former Muslims on a sustained track to freedom.  Topics include preaching for cultural transformation, the prayer of commitment as a key benchmark of freedom, imparting resilience to leaders, and the place and dimensions of prayer ministry.


Jay Smith — If You Think Islam is Bad Today, You Need to See How Hopeless It Was When It Began

For the first time scholars are applying many of the historical criticisms which were first leveled at Christianity and the Bible, to Islam and the Qur’an, and the results are hard to believe. These criticisms are proving to be the ‘Achilles Heel’ of Islam. This breakout reveals the new and exciting historical/critical material that undermines the classical model concerning the nascent beginnings of both Islam and its revelation, the Qur’an.


Georges Houssney — Discipleship of Converts


It is one thing to lead Muslims to Christ, but it is another to see them grow in the Lord and persevere in their walk with God in face of hardships and persecution. This breakout session will show you how to disciple Muslim converts into maturity in Christ, including the key points of a curriculum designed to disciple Christians from Muslim Backgrounds.


Steve Kelley — Intro to Islam

Understanding the basics of Islam will help all Christians understand ‘how’ and ‘in what way’ Muslims are lost in their thinking and living. Understanding the basics of Islam will help the Christian to faithfully, accurately and reasonably talk, engage, and teach the truth of Scripture to Muslims.


Adam Simnowitz — Can We Trust the Bibles We Give to Muslims?

The teaching of the Insider Movement for Muslims (a.k.a. “C5”) has given rise to versions of Scripture and “Scripture-based products” that incorporate Islamic words and expressions, including the first part of the Islamic confession of faith (“there is no god but Allah”), non-literal renderings for key terms such as Father and Son, terms for “Lord” in reference to Jesus that only refer to humans, and sometimes the omission of certain parts of the Bible such as Luke 15, Romans 8:12-33, and Galatians 4:1-7.  Equip yourself to know if a printed copy, online version, smart phone app, or audio/visual file of the Bible (or Bible portion)—including the Jesus Film—is a faithful and accurate translation, or if it is a “Muslim Idiom Translation.”



Amani Mostafa — The Mindset of Muslim Women

What is the life of a Muslim woman?  An exploration of the truth according to  Allah, Mohammad, and her society. Is there a difference between a Muslim woman in the East, and a Muslim woman in the West?  We must understand what freedom looks like in her life—and what happens when a Muslim woman gains, and actually practices, her freedom in the West.




Fred Nichols — Evangelism Models for Muslim Ministry

Fred and his wife, Melody, reach out to Muslims locally and  around the world. In addition to being the pastor of the host church for Legacy 2018, Fred is the founder and director of Ishmael’s Blessing International, an organization that trains workers for the global Muslim harvest.  Drawing on over twenty years of reaching out to Muslims this session will look at evangelism models from the New Testament with an emphasis on real-world experience.


Plenary 5: Amani Mostafa — Spiritual Warfare and the Struggles of Christians from Muslim Backgrounds


Muslim Background Believers are born into a life of spiritual warfare, which intensifies as they embark on their new journey of Christian faith.  This plenary will discuss how that warfare affects their lives on multiple levels, including personal, family, and church. It will also explore their growth in understanding the faith, and how acceptance from other believers—or lack of acceptance—can help or hinder their walk with God.


Plenary 6: Panel Discussion with Q&A — Former Muslims Speak.
Speakers: Amani Mostafa, Steve Kelley, Wissam Al-Aethawi. Moderated by Georges Houssney.

God saves Muslims!  In this session we will hear how God worked in the lives of fellow believers in ways that not even the barriers of Islam were able to stop.  In addition to being encouraged by how the Word of God and the work of the Holy Spirit have been fruitful in the lives of the panelists, one of the greatest ways to learn about evangelizing Muslims is to hear former Muslims share their testimonies. Opportunity will be given for question and answer.


Plenary 7: Mark Durie — Liberty to the Captives II: Dimensions of Freedom from Islam – Steps to Spiritual Health.

This session delves into the structure of the spiritual bondages imposed by Islam, and the challenges for discipleship this presents.  Resources for assisting people to find freedom from Islam’s covenants, through the cross, are presented.





Plenary 8: Jay Smith — From the Insider Movement to Apologetics: Why I Changed How I Minister to Muslims


Having been one of the first members of the ‘Insider Movement’ back in the 1980s, Jay put its theories into practice while ministering to Muslims in West Africa.  However, it didn’t take long to realize how errant this paradigm was on so many levels, so he searched for a more Biblical model. The story of his journey through Muslim ministry provides insight into an evangelistic approach that is both effective and biblically sound.


Jonathan Swift — “God’s People on God’s Mission for God’s Glory”


Christ Community Church in Dearborn is a five-year-old church plant that intentionally aims at closing the gap between “doing church” and “doing mission” in a diverse city with the highest concentration of Muslims in the country. This session will describe how CCC has attempted to examine Scripture and apply the Gospel to this context, along with some of the pitfalls and victories discovered along the way. If you are part of a church that has a heart to reach Muslims in your community or local campuses, this discussion will help generate questions you need to be asking.


Wissam Al-Aethawi — For We Do Not Wrestle


Now that we have learned about Islam, what should the Christian response be?‎  From the experience of a former Muslim, this session will address the reasons why we should share the Gospel with everyone, how to share the Gospel with our Muslim neighbor, and God’s role in the conversion of Muslims.


Scott Cherry — Socrates and Muslim College Students: The Socratic Method of Evangelism to Muslims

U.S. colleges and universities comprise a unique context in which we find many Muslim students who might go untouched by the gospel if not for intentional campus evangelists who focus on them, because they are often aloof, and Christian organizations/students often do not engage them. These focused evangelists must have a specially-tuned ‘radar’ for Muslim students with a well-honed skill set and knowledge of ‘relational apologetics’. They must have intentional practices for engaging them in discussion not unlike the methods that Socrates employed in ancient Athens, and later the Apostle Paul. In any case, the saving gospel must always be the central content, and Christ its central figure.


Plenary 8: Jay Smith — From the Insider Movement to Apologetics: Why I Changed How I Minister to Muslims

Having been one of the first members of the ‘Insider Movement’ back in the 1980s, Jay put its theories into practice while ministering to Muslims in West Africa.  However, it didn’t take long to realize how errant this paradigm was on so many levels, so he searched for a more Biblical model. The story of his journey through Muslim ministry provides insight into an evangelistic approach that is both effective and biblically sound.


Closing Session: Georges Houssney — Prayer & Commissioning


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