About the Journal of Biblical Missiology

The Journal of Biblical Missiology is a global network committed to restoring the gospel to missions and missions to the church. 

Because we believe the Bible is the only authority on missions.

Since its founding in 2009, Biblical Missiology has become a significant voice among scholars, churches, and Christians who are committed to both a biblical theology and practice of missions. Collaborating with ministries and scholars across the world, Biblical Missiology’s purpose is to equip churches to responsibly fulfill their task in carrying out the Great Commission under the authority of scripture.

Biblical Missiology’s collaborative community of Christian leaders, converts from Islam, indigenous church leaders, missionaries, and theologians are seeking a gospel-oriented view on current missions trends and controversies. Through content development, discussion platforms, and our Statement of Practice, Biblical Missiology is dedicated to developing strategies that are both relevant and biblical.

Online Journal >>

The Journal of Biblical Missiology provides an online platform for a diverse network of missionaries, church leaders, scholars, ministries, and lay Christians to discuss biblically faithful mission practices, share resources from around the world, and produce biblical content on the issues facing today’s church. Whether it’s the Insider Movement, Muslim Idiom Translations, or review of the latest missions books, Biblical Missiology is your source for biblically faithful analysis. 

Biblical Translation Network >>

Biblical Missiology hosts a translation discussion group dedicated to building a strong, Bible-centered foundation for Bible translation worldwide. By joining the group, you’ll find a community to discuss both background theology and the everyday, practical elements of translation. Contact us to join this global discussion group.