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Studied Biblical Studies (with an emphasis on OT) at San Jose Bible college (Now called William Jessup University) and Computer Science and Hebrew at San Jose State University. Currently works as a Network Consultant professionally.5 Articles

Don has a B.S. in missiological studies, Nyack College; an M.A. in Teaching English as a Second Language, New York University; and a Ph.D. in Linguistics, New York University. He taught in and directed ESL programs for 50 years, and linguistics for about half of those years. His published books include Intensive Course in American English Grammar, Series I (Prelim. Ed.), co-editor. American Language Institute, New York University (1964), Modifying English as a Second Language Materials, and Placement Guide; University of State of New York (1975), and The Language Gap. [on the uniqueness of human language] Zondervan, Probe Ministries (1984). He has served as a teaching elder for many years.4 Articles

Salaam Corniche and his family have lived outside of North America for more than a decade. He is 'consumately curious' and loves to dig deeply into the Bible especially as it interfaces with the worldviews of other religions.4 Articles

Pierre Rashad Houssney, MENA Regional Director for Horizons International, is a Lebanese-American who grew up in the context of cross-cultural ministry among Muslims and international students. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Northern Colorado, and is fluent in English and Arabic. He has been in full-time ministry with Horizons International since 2006, and has been an active member of Horizons’ teaching staff and curriculum development team since 2002. He played a lead role in the development and teaching of the Engaging Islam and Cubs to Lions training curricula, and co-edited Engaging Islam (Georges Houssney, Treeline Publishing, Boulder, CO, 2010). Pierre has traveled to over 30 countries, and his field experience in the Middle East began when he spent summers doing outreach in Lebanon as a teenager and spent a gap year during university doing music ministry in Beirut. Pierre lives in Beirut, Lebanon, with his wife, Gigi, and their two children, where he leads a team of nationals and missionaries who run a center for evangelism and discipleship among Muslims. As a key part of Horizons' teaching staff, he trains Arab and Western Christians for effective ministry to Muslims, and is active in missiological advocacy among the global missions community. Pierre is a team player, and loves to see new leaders thrive and work together to glorify God. He is well-connected to Lebanese churches and those who minister to Muslims in the Middle East.4 Articles

Barbara Yandell is an ordained minister with the Reformed Church in America. She is on the teaching staff of Horizons International. She created and coordinates the Engage Course and is the founder of Legacy Conferences. She serves as a missions mobilizer teaching the Perspectives on the World Christian Movement Course. Barbara bases in both Austin Texas and Holland MI.3 Articles

Mark has lived and worked in missions for all of his adult life, living and ministering in the Middle East for 7 years. Currently Mark lives and resides in the USA mobilizing for the field, and working hard to bring modern missions back to the heart of God, His glory. His goal is to build missional communities focused on Christ, that live out Christ incarnately, giving Him glory, and transporting those communities to the Middle East to continue glorifying Christ.3 Articles

Bassam Michael Madany was the Arabic Broadcast minister of the Back-to-God Hour, the radio ministry of the Christian Reformed Church, from 1958-1994. In his retirement ministry, Middle East Resources, he offers materials on the global challenge of Islam from a Christian perspective, on: Rev. Madany was born in Seleucia, the seaport of Antioch, Syria. He received his education in British and French schools in the Middle East. In 1950, he came to the United States and studied at the Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, graduating in May 1953. In 1957, Rev. and Mrs. Madany joined the Christian Reformed Church and moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan, where Rev. Madany took further studies at Calvin Theological Seminary. He holds a Bachelor of Divinity degree from that institution. Rev. Madany pioneered Arabic-language radio missions and developed a Bible-based ministry, which emphasized the centrality of the Word of God in missions to Muslims. Shirley W. Madany was involved in various aspects of the radio ministry, and directed the follow-up department of Saatu'l Islah, the Arabic name of the radio mission. After a five-month battle with pancreatic cancer, Shirley went to be with the Lord on Sunday, 24 August, 2008. Rev. Madany authored “The Bible and Islam: A Basic Guide to Sharing God's Word with a Muslim.” It has gone through many printings in the USA; was published twice in Nairobi, Kenya; once by Potchefstroom University for Christian Higher Education, in South Africa, and a Russian translation went through two printings, in Moscow, Russia. In 2005 Shirley W. Madany published “Muslims Meeting Christ,” a book of testimonies from Arab listeners whose lives were impacted by the Arabic radio and literature ministry. In 2006, the Madanys published “An Introduction to Islam,” consisting of 33 articles, book reviews, and commentaries on Islam. In January 2008, the book “Kamil Abdul Messiah: A Syrian Convert from Islam to Christianity,” authored in 1897 by Dr. Henry H. Jessup, of the Presbyterian Mission in Beirut, Lebanon, was re-published by Middle East Resources. Rev. Madany has kept up his studies of the Arab-Islamic culture. During his regular visits to the Middle East, he purchased books authored by reform-minded Muslim intellectuals. Thanks to the Internet, he visits Arabic-language reformist websites such as Elpah, Kwtanweer, Alawan, and Aafaq. This enables him to keep abreast of the ferment taking place among Arab intellectuals who are working hard at “reforming” Islam, or critiquing it having been convinced of Islam's inability to adjust to modernity. On the bright side, he is following with great interest the rise of an indigenous Christian Church in the Maghreb.3 Articles

Seth Vitrano-Wilson is a passionate advocate of faithful Bible translations in all languages, as well as tools to help people learn, love, and live out God’s Word. He was raised in the Mormon church, but God brought him to repentance and faith in Christ while he was living in Argentina. He has served cross-culturally in the Middle East and Southeast Asia for over 10 years, and holds an MA in Linguistics from Payap University in Chiang Mai, Thailand.2 Articles

Bunyan Towery / Jeff Morton (M.Div. and D.Miss., Biola) is pastor of discipleship, Hillside Baptist Church, Dickinson, ND. He is author of " Two Messiahs," "Insider Movements: Biblically Incredible or Incredibly Brilliant?" and co-editor of "Chrislam: How Missionaries are Promoting an Islamized Gospel."2 Articles