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Bassam Madany

Bassam Michael Madany was the Arabic Broadcast minister of the Back-to-God Hour, the radio ministry of the Christian Reformed Church, from 1958-1994. In his retirement ministry, Middle East Resources, he offers materials on the global challenge of Islam from a Christian perspective, on: www.unashamedofthegospel.org.

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  1. Joie Pirkey

    Great article. Thanks for the history and info about the Masihiyyeen. I wrote a newsletter on this same topic in August of 09. In the upper left hand corner of the article I had a picture of a Muslim woman and a question, but hidden behind the picture for anyone who scrolled over it was a link to the article that you posted about above. :)


    The site looks great and I’ll be sure to send my friends. The issues that you are raising are becoming so very important.

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