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Georges Houssney

Georges Houssney was raised in the predominantly Muslim city of Tripoli, Lebanon. He came to faith in Jesus Christ as a teenager. Soon God grew a deep love for Muslims in his heart, and he began to sense God's call for full-time service among them. Well-known for his work supervising the translation and publication of the Bible into clear modern Arabic, Georges and his family moved from the Middle East to the United States in 1982 to minister to international students. Georges is passionate about reaching internationals here and abroad with the great news of salvation. He writes and lectures internationally about ministry to Muslims, and he strives to awaken a new generation who will proclaim the gospel boldly. Georges is founder and director of Horizons International and does Muslim evangelism training through his training Engaging Islam.


  1. Foibled

    George, Lots of good stuff in this post. But in one case, I think that you have it backwards:

    You wrote: “When recruiters speak at churches and conferences they urge people to sign up immediately.”

    I do not deny that some do that. But I work for an agency that does not. We do good screening and orientation. Many Christians don’t like that. They want to go now. The churches that support them do not understand the orientation and they ask why those they support are not on the field already. So while some recruiters want people to sign up now, the stronger force for “now” is in our culture and our churches have bought it.

    Let me submit that the desire for things “now” is not driven by what mission agencies say to the North American Christian public, but rather the other way around.

  2. Matt

    I know this is complete parody, but it does serve to illustrate a point: How many people have “waited on God” only to find He was waiting on them?


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