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John Span

Dr. John Span is a senior lecturer at Mukhanyo Theological College in South Africa. His PhD studies investigated the CAMEL Method of outreach to Muslims. His mentors have challenged him to think theologically, especially in the area of missions to Muslims and he desires to inspire others to do the same. He is a founding member of Biblical Missiology as well as the Southgate Fellowship and blogs regularly at the CRCNA Network.


  1. A. Houssney

    This is an encouragement, John, thanks. I think I read it 3 times over a week before it sank in.

    It’s so cool to commune with brothers from centuries ago and to sit at their feet and learn.

    To reflect inwardly, as Boston encourages, to observe ourselves and Christ in us just as we can see the sun in the sky, is actually uncomfortable and comforting at the same time. I have so much work to do.

    Thanks for the good word.

  2. Douglas Pirkey


    Thanks very much for submitting this article. It points out the importance of being rightly motivated. One day (a long time ago) in Bible college in Minneapolis I had the realization that the grief I was experiencing over my sin had as much to do with my personal failing as it did sinning against God. The Lord showed that to me and I realized a new-found freedom from the binding self-centered and self-serving standard of cultural morality. That gave way to an experience of liberty in the Holy Spirit that reoriented me to a more biblical standard of morality, and more importantly, a greater appreciation of the only righteousness there is, in Christ! That experience caused me to look more carefully at the theology I was being taught, and it changed my theology. I remember wanting to engage in street preaching downtown and I did: all I did was read from the Bible out loud verse after verse of Scripture about grace! I remember being animated by the joy and transforming power of God’s grace like I was when I was first born again. To this day my being as a man of God’s grace informs my doing as a minister of the gospel. I think this is an expression of the Regenerative in my life as a believer and how I’m better motivated because of it. Thanks again for your ministry to us.

  3. Georges Houssney

    Dear John, author of the email below? (this is not you John Span)
    Sorry your email is lost so please write me at ghoussney@biblicalmissiology.org.
    We will pray for your family. These two tapes are many years old. I have an Audio DVD with 102 sessions which covers our 4 week summer training courses taught by various teachers. I think I teach half of the classes or less. You can order this real cheaply from us at $25 (originally priced at $130) These can run on your computer and you can download them onto an Ipod or cell phone. They are not regular CDs. It would have required 90 CDs so we decided to use one Audio DVD. We have sold hundreds of these and we would be happy to send you a copy. Write me your full name and address and I will send it to you. Again my email is ghoussney@biblicalmissiology.org
    God bless.
    “Hello, I am interrested in more about Mr. Houssney message to reach the Muslim. …I have 2 older tapes from Mr. Houssney that I listened to and enjoyed. One tape is “All Muslims are not the same” and ” The Muslim mindset”. I would like to maybe find more of similar lectures from Mr. Houssney, Prayers for the salvation of my children and mother are also welcome. Thank you. John”

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