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Jay Smith

Jay Smith has worked for over 27 years with Muslims, has two masters degrees in divinity and Islamics, and is currently finishing my Phd. dissertation at the Bible College of Victoria, Australia, under the supervision of Dr. Peter Riddell. He has participated in over fifty formal debates with distinguished Muslim scholars, statesmen, and apologists.


  1. Jeffery Morton

    Well done Jay. Imagine if Muslims created a Christian-compliant Qur’an!
    Wait, that gives me another idea for a book!!

  2. Douglas Pirkey

    That one cannot at once translate Scripture and diminish it conceptually somehow gets lost in all these high-powered debates seems implausible to me. These IM folks are too intelligent to be oblivious to this. I think that they simply care more about fulfilling their own carnality than being faithful to God’s word. In response, the church is way to busy honing it’s self-serving sensibilities: a quid pro quo of tolerance that winks at the indulgence of the self while despising the unqualified command to deny ourselves and take up our cross.

  3. Hussein Wario

    The Christian church needs to wake up. First, it was the question about Muslim background believers’ identity, whether they should remain Muslims and continue attending the mosque for prayers, and now the “Son of God” is being expurgated from Scripture. Where is this drive going to end?
    Rick Brown and his fellow scholars are confused. They should ask a practicing Muslim if the proposed substitute for the “Son of God,” “the Beloved Son who comes (or originates) from God” means to him or her and they might be shocked with the answer. If for anything, the Christianity Today article exposes these expert Bible translators knowledge of Islam and Muslims. In Islam, “the Beloved Son who comes (or originates) from God” has no divine qualities. Muslims believe all life originates from Allah. Jesus is not an exception. They should read Surah 4:171. All the Qur’an commentaries on this verse are unequivocal. “From Allah” in the Qur’an does not come with divine qualities.
    There is also some confusion when it comes to Islam and Muslim in one of these countries the CT story addresses. I have wondered how can a “closed” Muslim country allow a movie about Jesus and even allow it to be “aired on national television” when Islamic teachings ban depiction of any prophet–Jesus is considered a prophet–in a movie?

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