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  1. Jameel Hijazeen (Moa'bite)

    Dr. Shihadeh, You have a logical way of correcting some opinions and conclusions of the book’s author. I respect your answer a lot. I do not know if the author ever replied to you. If he did, I would love to know if he had a reasonable response to your comments and counter-arguments.

    A comment and a question please:

    # Comment:
    “This book purports that just as Christians hold that Jews believe in the same God while denying the Trinity, they ought to say the same about Muslims.” Your counter arguments regarding this point do not mention the important fact that Christianity does not recognize Islam as a religion from God. Isn’t this the case? A catholic priest once taught us: “In our belief, islam is a monotheistic religion but not as a religion from God”. Christians will say, “We have our bible in front of us and it is the that decide if we recognize Islam or not. The bible does not mention the Islam or Prophet Muhammad, therefore, we cannot recognize Islam”. Moreover, if Christians recognized Islam as a religion from God, then why still be Christian? The same is with Jews. If a religion accepted the religions coming after it as being from God, then simply why remain believing in your “old” relgion? It is like an “updated” version is now avaialbe.

    # Question: This is regarding a point you mentioned. “It shows God’s holiness, not his power. Its goal is to bless the whole earth, not subdue it. It is God fighting for his people, not the people fighting for God.” Regarding “its goal is to bless the whole earth”, I totally do not understand how allowing all people (including women and children) and animals in a sinful city to be killed can be a “bless to the whole earth” (please correct me if I am wrong)? Why women and children too need to be killed?

    Thanks a lot.


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