1. The Narrowing Path

    Thank you for sharing your insights. It takes courage to express the views you do here, and they are very helpful. I agree…awesome Scripture!

    Returning from the MK life, I initially lived increasingly as a barely recognisable Christian in the comfort of my western, modern life. I can testify to the devastating impact it had on my life and my faith. Since we know this to be a dangerous side effect of the modern, Western life it makes no sense to encourage it in believers in other countries, simply as a means to avoid persecution or to maintain family ties. It may seem easy for me to say this, but the thought of people believing they are saved and actually being led into false conversion or at the very least not learning true dependence on Christ is a terrible thought indeed. The Bible, from beginning to end, tells us what God thinks when we blend our faith with the world or other false religions and practices.

    Truly following Christ has necessarily resulted significant life changes, the loss of close friends and my husband, the need to find a new, Bible-believing church and a far greater focus on living out my faith in every area of my life. I learned that if there is no great cost for following Jesus Christ, then I should be concerned about whether I am truly following him at all. I would hate to think others of being robbed of knowing this truth.

    I hope these comments are useful or encouraging. Feel free to point out any ignorance or insensitivity I may be displaying. May our gracious Lord Jesus continue to bless you in your work and in your faithfulness to Him and his true Gospel.

  2. Pierre Houssney

    I love the former Muslim girl’s response:

    “after she got rid of the confused look on her face she just shook her head and said: “From one bondage into another!” She then asked if IM was an idea from Americans.”

    It’s so true, even historically, and I’m not surprised that she was able to put her finger on it- IM is an American idea from beginning to end.

    The thing that amazes me is that IMers have been able to convince themselves and others that IM is true contextualization, when it misses the heart of the culture by such a distance, and only co-opts the external features, as viewed by Westerners.

    The fact that actual cultural insiders are overwhelmingly against the so-called “insider movement” should be enough to cause the Western missions movement (which is full of people who really love Muslims and want to share Jesus with them) to abandon IM thinking and begin learning the heart of the culture from their brothers and sisters who have come to Christ from a Muslim background.

    It’s really sad that instead, so many well-intentioned people have ignored them, dismissed their informed objections as ignorant, judged their hearts as hateful of their own background, and suppressed their outcries against IM.

    I thank God that the tide is turning, and the information age is finally bringing their voices to the Western church. I just pray that the Western church will listen and respond in a Godly way.

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