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  1. missionary_translator

    Thank you for sharing these reports. Dialogue is always healthy if done with the purpose of being open and glorifying God. Thank you to all for coming together. To discuss a matter or the opinion of another party without meeting them face to face would be wrong and leads only to misunderstanding. It was encouraging to hear that both sides met.

    One fact that might be of great help to those who do not know much about Wycliffe and SIL is that SIL is a “Wycliffe organization” and they state that plainly on their website. The VP of Wycliffe and the VP of SIL are both employees of Wyclffe Bible Translators (WBT). The unity of the organizations or the “cooperative” nature of their work is greatly impacted by the fact they are employed by Wycliffe Bible translators. If you desire to support anyone in SIL, you will do so through WBT. The president of SIL is a member of and paid by WBT.

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