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Bassam Madany

Bassam Michael Madany was the Arabic Broadcast minister of the Back-to-God Hour, the radio ministry of the Christian Reformed Church, from 1958-1994. In his retirement ministry, Middle East Resources, he offers materials on the global challenge of Islam from a Christian perspective, on: www.unashamedofthegospel.org.

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  1. kate.mccord.storyteller@gmail.com

    I’ve spent years living and working in a very conservative Muslim context. In discussions with neighbors, I honestly shared my faith, including my understanding of God as Father and Jesus as both the Son of God and the Son of Man. Often, my neighbors objected to Jesus as Son until I explained that Jesus is Son of God because He’s born of the Spirit of God. He’s Son of man because He was born in the flesh through Mary. That settled that. I had more trouble explaining the eternality of Christ with the Father until I focused on His Spirit as the Holy Spirit of the great God of the Universe who has always existed and created everything. God as Father was never as difficult to explain but was always more difficult for my Muslim neighbors to accept. God as Father describes a God who loves and that was a difficult concept for my neighbors. Still, it’s a key concept in understanding who God is and who we are. The bottom line is that we ought not hide the truth while trying to share the truth. It’s not honest. God loves people. God came into the world to reach and save people. That’s powerful, life-changing truth worth sharing.

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