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Scott Seaton

Scott Seaton is the pastor of Emmanuel Presbyterian Church (PCA). Prior to his current ministry, Scott served as a PCA missionary, a church missions pastor and the director of the PCA's international ministry to Muslims. He also is the lead author of "A Call To Faithful Witness," the PCA's 2011 overture related to Muslim Idiom Translations.

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  1. Salaam Corniche

    Scott, thank you for your close reading of the text. The word of God is always a great source of strength and inspiration when it is “rightly divided”. This invariably leads me to have a greater appreciation once again of the old truth of just how wondrous our God is, and how marvelous is our salvation. What riches! I contrast that with the sociological reads that I have seen imposed on the text, and somehow they leave me with the idea about the author would like me to think just how marvelous is his/her intelligence, and how marvelous is their novelty. What poverty!

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