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Basil Grafas

Basil is a minister in the Presbyterian Church of America, a former moderator of the International Presbyterian Church, a European-based denomination started by Dr Francis Scheffer, and assisted in the creation of the Presbyterian Church of Bangladesh. A former church planter, he has pastored two churches and served cross-culturally for much of the last 30 years.


  1. Basil Grafas

    All of the people you mention were self-professing, self-identified Christians. And your point is? Are you justifying sectarianism or IM? What is your objection to Nevin’s points? Is IM really equivalent in its relationship to either Islam or Christianity as Christian sects were to either Catholic or Protestant churches? Bad analogies lead to a bad end.

  2. rjwlewis

    Interesting. Did Nevin’s critique start with the Waldensians, the Hussites, and later the Anabaptist movements and sects which started some centuries before his time, or with John Wesley’s unsuccessful attempt for his movement to remain connected to the Anglican church in the Evangelical Awakening, or with the so called 2nd Great Awakening in the USA? What was his take on more ancient movements that stayed independent of the Catholic church for hundreds of years (like the Celtic movement in Ireland, Scotland and northern Europe)?

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