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John Span

John Span has worked with his family in West Africa among an unreached 'Fulani' people group for the last ten years. His mentors have challenged him to think theologically, especially in the area of missions to Muslims and he desires to inspire others to do the same. In the last year he has been a frequent contributor to the St. Francis Magazine.

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  1. Willy Hamil

    Great article! Satan must be loving how he has these missiologists in his back pocket, because there is no other way to put it. Paul cursed anyone, including himself, for preaching “another gospel” in Gal. 1. Since he clearly lays out the gospel in 1 Cor. 15, I’d venture to say that anything LESS or DIFFERENT from that gospel is “anathema.” In other words, these four missions “specialists” are false teachers who will experience the full wrath of Almighty God on Judgment Day if they don’t repent and place their faith in the BIBLICAL Jesus!

    This is why this website/blog is so important!

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