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Donald McKeon

Don has a B.S. in missiological studies, Nyack College; an M.A. in Teaching English as a Second Language, New York University; and a Ph.D. in Linguistics, New York University. He taught in and directed ESL programs for 50 years, and linguistics for about half of those years. His published books include Intensive Course in American English Grammar, Series I (Prelim. Ed.), co-editor. American Language Institute, New York University (1964), Modifying English as a Second Language Materials, and Placement Guide; University of State of New York (1975), and The Language Gap. [on the uniqueness of human language] Zondervan, Probe Ministries (1984). He has served as a teaching elder for many years.

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  1. Adam S.


    Thanks for your work in writing this article. The references are of course, very helpful.

    Your call for more balanced articles with regard to IM in the next edition of Perspectives (assuming that there will be one), while it would be helpful considering its influence, I think is unlikely, especially considering that USCWM, the parent organization of Perspectives, has arguably been the greatest promoter of Insider Movements, not only in English, but in Korean, Spanish, and other languages.

    Because it is new, I would like to direct people to a 10-week course designed to help Christians present the Gospel to Muslims, called Engage. The website is: http://www.engagecourse.org .


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