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Louis Liss

Louis his wife Annie Liss serve in Beirut, Lebanon at the Horizons’ Hope Of The Nations center with their two children David and Rebekah. While Louis pastored in Phoenix, they worked with incarcerated Muslim youth in Arizona as well as leading short term evangelism teams to Dearborn, MI with Horizons. After moving overseas to pursue long term mission work, Louis began to invest in the lives of the high school boys from the center. He now meets weekly with them sharing the gospel and raising up a new generation of Christian leaders. They also are in charge of discipling the international staff & interns working with Horizons in Beirut, in order to overcome cultural barriers and create long-term sustainability and unity amongst the Horizons’ team.

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  1. Georges Houssney

    Thank you Louis for this very insightful study. I pray that many both in the West and East would read this and change the way they see each other. This is very helpful.

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