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Georges Houssney

Georges Houssney was raised in the predominantly Muslim city of Tripoli, Lebanon. He came to faith in Jesus Christ as a teenager. Soon God grew a deep love for Muslims in his heart, and he began to sense God's call for full-time service among them. Well-known for his work supervising the translation and publication of the Bible into clear modern Arabic, Georges and his family moved from the Middle East to the United States in 1982 to minister to international students. Georges is passionate about reaching internationals here and abroad with the great news of salvation. He writes and lectures internationally about ministry to Muslims, and he strives to awaken a new generation who will proclaim the gospel boldly. Georges is founder and director of Horizons International and does Muslim evangelism training through his training Engaging Islam.


  1. Georges Houssney

    To Adiata Abdulai
    Isaiah 42 is a prophecy about Jesus. Read it with this in mind and you will understand it better.

  2. GEorges Houssney

    I have only now noticed your comment.
    I am a native Arabic speaker and assure you that Islam does not carry the meanings you mentioned, not one of them. The root word SLM pronounced Salama is the right word. Each word derived from it has a unique meaning. Example:
    Salaama (double A) means safety or good health, or whole.. These are related by meaning safety from sickness is being healthy or whole.
    Sallama (Double L) means to greet someone or say a greeting or shake hands with someone.
    Tasleem: is to surrender to something or someone.
    Islam is the noun given to the one who surrenders. Modern Muslims claim it is surrender to God. But not historically. Muhammad and the conquerors after him gave people two choices Aslim Taslam, these two words mean Surrender you will be spared (from death) So effectively it means Surrender or die. Islam is surrendering to the conqueror rather than fight.

  3. Adiata Abdullai

    Can you explain to me Isaiah 42?

  4. Adam Simnowitz

    While “Islam” comes from the root, “s-l-m,” it is derived from the form, “افعل” (af’al, a.k.a. Form IV). Its primary meaning per the Arabic-English Dictionary by Hans Wehr: “to forsake, leave, desert, give up, betray…to hand over, turn over.” It was commentators and others who ascribed to it the meaning, “to commit oneself, resign oneself (to the will of God).” This form is transitive, meaning that it must take a direct object. It is commonly used in Arabic translations of the Bible to describe how Judas Iscariot delivered up (or, betrayed) Jesus to the Jewish high priests (e.g. Matthew 27:3). To think that it can be used in an intransitive or reflexive way is contrary to Arabic grammar. This form also has a denominative function in which the noun is changed into a verb. In this case, “اسلم” (aslama) simply means to “Islamize,” i.e. to become an adherent of Islam (i.e. Muslim). This still tells us nothing about the meaning of “Islam.” When one considers that Islam denies God’s triune nature (i.e. the Trinity), the Incarnation (i.e. the eternal Son of God became the Son of Man), and Jesus’ atoning death and subsequent resurrection and ascension, as part of its core belief, yet maintains that Jesus was born of the Virgin Mary and did miracles, is not Islam akin to Judas Iscariot who betrayed Jesus with a kiss?

  5. Boitshepo

    Islam is derived from the Arabic root “Selema”: peace,purity,submission and obedience. in religious sense, Islam means submission to the will of God and obedience to His law.

    Everything and every phenomenon in the world, other than man is administered totally by God-made laws ie. they are obedient to God and submissive to His laws ie. they are in the state of Islam.

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