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Ant Greenham

Ant Greenham is associate professor of missions and Islamic studies at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

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  1. douglas pirkey

    I appreciate this article a lot. I’d like to make a brief comment on this sentence: “By God’s grace, we’re witnessing the emergence of churches across the planet seeking to express their allegiance to Christ in ways suited to their local environment and culture.”

    It’s that, I find the quote above to be the true challenge of opposition to the headship of Christ for any and all churches everywhere, irrespective of their culture. I agree that it has been a serious missionary mistake to reproduce an expatriated culture of religion. But the thing is, I find that, when the person of Jesus is finding expression in a disciple, their indigenous culture necessarily becomes profoundly unsuitable for their allegiance to Christ.

    Every culture must yield to the Lord Jesus Christ as He transforms and finds expression in His people. The Bible shows us just how much the Son of Man was in conflict with the culture of those to whom He was born (see John 1. 5; 3. 19). This becomes for those in whom the Spirit of God lives that which makes them peculiar to their world, the ones necessarily “the called-out” (see 1 Peter 2. 9).

    God bless you, Ant!

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