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Timothy Beougher

Timothy Beougher is the Billy Graham Professor of Evangelism and Church Growth in the Billy Graham School of Missions, Evangelism and Ministry, at Southern Baptist Seminary, where he also serves as associate dean.


  1. mzolisi


  2. Funmilayo

    Really helpful

  3. Matthew Walker

    Other than the Acts 8 passage, the rest are not really direct commands or examples of evangelization. They are only inferences. I’d like to know if you have any other passages that might actually command believers to evangelize (and I believe in evangelism!).

  4. SCOTT

    Acts 1:8 was given to all Jesus’ followers? Really? Acts 1:2 says that Jesus was speaking to the apostles he had chosen. Not all his followers.
    Matt 15:14-16 is about doing good deeds, not evangelism. Evangelism wasn’t even a thing yet.
    1 Peter 3:15, if about evangelism, is a passive thing: be ready to explain why you believe in Jesus when someone asks you. No proactive evangelism here. So why the writer includes this in support of his point, while admitting it’s not proactive hidden away in a footnote is a mystery.
    Phil 2:14-16 is about living a good lifestyle, not evangelism.
    Col 4:5-6 mentions an opportunity to speak to outsiders, but doesn’t say what about. *Maybe* it’s evangelism. That assumed by this writer.
    1 Pet 5:9 This is the only verse that gets close to supporting the premise that we are all to evangelize: because surely the message of Christ is one of the excellencies of God that we are all to proclaim.
    There is only one Bible verse quoted as support in this article which actually supports the premise. And even it’s not very direct, however, it is strong. That’s Matt 28:18-20.
    It’s not right to put a list of scriptures in support of a point when they don’t actually support the point.
    If we care about truth, we have to look up the scriptures thrown at us in support of a proposition and see if they really do support it. SO often, sad to say, they don’t. And that is so wrong.

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