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Ian Westmark

Ian has been living and serving in Muslim majority nations since 1987. He and his wife have one son.

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  1. Joel eyestone

    I have read only this article; looking forward to the rest. You might answer my questions later, but after reading Part 1, these are my questions and comments.
    1. Under Historical Perspective, you noted that the apostles did not replace “Jesus” with a name drawn from the ambient culture. Such as_____? What equivalent name was there in the Greek culture? What options did they have?
    2. I note that “God and “lord” are nouns which are likely to have equivalents in other languages. “Messiah” was also put into Greek–“Christ”. Given names–Jesus, Moses, David, Abraham, Elijah–are less likely to have such. Were there Greek equivalents of those other names? Other options besides the Hebrew names?
    3. What Hebrew names in WERE changed to Greek equivalents in the Septuagint or New Testament? Can you give examples of that?

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