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Adam Simnowitz

Adam Simnowitz is a minister with the Assemblies of God. He lives in Dearborn, MI. He holds a M.A. from Columbia International University from their College of Intercultural Studies. His thesis is available on this website: "Muslim Idiom Translation: Assessing So-Called Scripture Translation For Muslim Audiences With A Look Into Its Origins In Eugene A. Nida's Theories Of Dynamic Equivalence And Cultural Anthropology: https://biblicalmissiology.org/2016/03/21/muslim-idiom-translation-assessing-so-called-scripture-translation-for-muslim-audiences-with-a-look-into-its-origins-in-eugene-a-nidas-theories-of-dynamic-equivalence-and-cultural-anthro/


  1. Adam Simnowitz

    As a follow-up, David Green, whom I mention in the article, in an interview with Glenn Beck on Nov. 26, 2022 (“Hobby Lobby Founder: THIS is the BEST WAY to run a business”), acknowledged that he and his family “with a lot of other families” were part of the Super Bowl ads that were aired by hegetsus.com (start at 3:46). While this is not necessarily an admission that he and his family funded the baseball ad (which was aired prior to this interview), it does reinforce my point that he has necessary influence to ensure that these ads are in accordance with “the Book” (i.e. the Bible). Green takes great pride in running Hobby Lobby by “the Book.” Why then would he be associated in what is supposed to be an evangelistic endeavor whose message is not according to “the Book”?

  2. Nicholas George

    Their website says they want anonymity because of sheer modesty. But their narrative is the “authentic” one, what we used to know as the Good News.
    Subtlety was the mark of the serpent, but the Jesus of the New Testament says, “in secret I have done nothing.”

  3. Adam Simnowitz

    Brad, thank your for pointing out my misunderstanding of the ad. I saw the ad once or twice on tv and was not paying full attention to it (I then went to the website to watch it carefully). Initially, when I heard it I thought when the narrator said, “in Bethlehem” after a dramatic pause, that it was referring to them being in Bethlehem “far away from the atrocities taking place” rather than “the atrocities taking place in Bethlehem.” Having carefully watched the ad, I still feel that they have manipulated Scripture to equate the flight to Egypt to common details of many who are refugees from Latin and South America which requires much conjecture. Jenee’s concerns are valid. Thankfully, Jesus is the head of the Church (Eph 5:23) and He has guaranteed that the gates of Hell will not prevail against her (Matt 16:18) regardless of what the “visible Church” may do that is unbecoming to Him.

  4. Brad

    Brad, Reverend, I saw the ad you’re talking about, and I think you’re looking at the wrong journey. It’s not referencing Joseph and Mary traveling TO Bethlehem to comply with a Census. It’s referencing Matthew 2:12-15, their journey FROM Bethlehem after the departure of the Magi to escape Herod’s sweep.

  5. Adam Simnowitz

    Jenee, thank you for your comment. You point out another serious problem regarding the ad that likens a family fleeing violence to Joseph and Mary going to Bethlehem in order to comply with a census. The manipulation of Scripture in the name of evangelism is disturbing and all the more so since the donors have chosen to remain anonymous. I am reminded of a line in Michael Card’s song, “Scandalon” [i.e. stumbling block – see Matt 13:41; 16:23; 18:7]: “It seems today the Scandalon offends no one at all. The image we present can be stepped over. Could it be that we are like the others long ago? Will we ever learn that all who come must stumble?” Jesus said, “And he who falls on this stone will be broken to pieces; but on whomever it falls, it will scatter him like dust” (Matt 21:44). It is only as we humble ourselves before God because of our sinfulness (that is, being “broken”) that we will find His promised mercy when we put our faith in the Messiah/Christ, the Lord Jesus. He alone is the atoning sacrifice for sin (e.g. John 1:29; 1 John 2:1-2).

  6. Jenee kernan

    They now are representing refugees as akin to Jesus being a refugee. This takes a terribly complex issue of illegal immigration and tries to simplistically moralize it. Jesus was not a drug smuggler. I tire of wokeism taking over everything and now not only the church but also Christianity itself

  7. Re

    It appears to me (a babe in following Christ) as an immediate red flag in willingness to spend such monies on an ad campaign “he gets us” during prime time , high profile programming.
    Jesus understands as He too had been tempted as we are now more than ever in these trying times.
    These monies are more than enough to have been serving Christs’ ministry by feeding and tending to the cause of the poor and easing mothers minds of the worries of what they will feed their children.
    Would that not indeed lead more of GODS children to return too HIM?
    Why would anyone find the need to be anonymous in doing that which is righteously The LORD working through them? HE is what true believers should boast.
    “Do not be deceived “
    It appears that this is a match lighting the fire to the one world religion written of in the book of Revelations.
    We can forecast the weather, must any deny that the time is near?
    The times, the time are here.
    We cannot deny that the very hand of GOD is at work here and now. That is, for those who seek HIM with all their heart truly know as we hear that whisper behind us, “This is the way”
    HE speaks it now.
    HIS and yours in Christ Jesus

  8. Lesly Cook

    I am perplexed and confused. Thanks for your article. Our AOG church is going to participate in this ad campaign and I have concerns. My hope is that these CEO’S and financiers, donors are all about building the Kingdom of God. GOOL is managing stats. The FB page has standard comments, nothing indepth.. Are they trolls? The church has been infiltrated by very bad people with bad agendas. The western church is being exposed. Is this another ploy of Satan? Big check in my spirit.

  9. Lee Werge

    Hi Brother,
    You are absolutely right-on with this article. Every part of it cleared up what the He Gets Us campaign seemed to miss. I was troubled by the first ad that I saw on TV and started to look into who the people were who put that commercial together. Your article came up and I am glad that it did. It agreed with my thoughts on the subject too, because the Bible is our guide for all truth because it leads everyone to Jesus, The Truth Himself.

  10. w, nAUMANN

    Rev. Adam is really quick with his response, and that is great. As a Lutheran who also supports mission work the “right way” –not by-passing by the repent and believe road,
    I think it is important for us who do to speak up and at least try to redirect energies into truly Bible centered outreaches that don’t get so puffed up as to think their approach is going to remake society with clever word plays that twist the Bible’s words. Those of us in daily evangelical work know how much hard and faithful work it takes to see
    fruit, and the examples of Paul and Jesus can’t be denied.

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