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Kenneth Hayward

Kenneth Hayward (pseudonym for security reasons) has served overseas with his organization for approximately 15 years and lives in Asia with his family, and can be contacted at: stand4truth777@hotmail.com.


  1. Kenneth Hayward

    Thank you for your encouragement. We hope it will help the global church.

    (My wording of the note on Abner’s dissertation (at the bottom of our article) would’ve been better if it had said something like this…
    “Abner sees problems with Training for Trainers while, generally, endorsing The Big One. In his estimation Any 3 by Shipman is not a church planting strategy but an evangelism tool, and Abner identifies several problems with Any 3. While more favorable towards The Big One, Abner thinks it too is not without problems, but thinks that tool is seeking to implement healthy church dynamics which are missing in T4T and other CPM type of methods. Abner’s years of missionary experience overseas and thorough research, including his bibliography, make his dissertation a valuable tool.”)

  2. Christian lwanda

    This is a great resource, very helpful!

  3. Caleb Morell

    Excellent! Thank you so much for putting this list together. Much needed.

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