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Kevin Schiltz

Kevin Schiltz (MA, Wheaton College) has 15 years’ experience in cross-cultural evangelism and discipleship working among Muslims. Kevin seeks to serve the church by engaging Chicago-area Muslims with the gospel and helping to mobilize outreach both locally and abroad. His wife Amy grew up in Turkey and adds a Turkish-language element to their ministry. They have four young children and reside in Wheaton, Illinois.


  1. Georges Houssney

    Kevin, Thank you for this good article/story. May the Lord use it to motivate others to become aware of and minister to the millions of Muslims in the USA.


    Dear Kevin,

    Read your account and praised the Lord for your devotion to the Ministry of reaching Musims with the Gospel.
    I served the Lord in a ministry of a daily broadcast of the Word of God in Arabic from 1958 to 1994 over several Interntaional radio stations. For follow-up, I produced Arabic literakture and sent it to the listeners who lived from Morocco to Iraq and in the Diaspora.
    The Bible and Islam :
    A Basic Guide to Sharing God’s Word with a Muslim.
    The Bible and Islam – Middle East Resources (unashamedofthegospel.org)
    The Missiology of Kamil Abdul Messiah By Rev. Bassam Michael Madany

    I would appreciate talking to you.
    Fraternally in Christ, OUR KURIOS PANTOKRATOR,
    Bassam Michael Madany

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