Andre Houssney

Andre Houssney is a Lebanese American with many years of global ministry experience. From an early age he has engaged international students including Muslims. Having lived in Lebanon and Egypt and traveled in over 30 countries, Andre has a wealth of knowledge of cross cultural issues in relation to missions. His studies in Ethnomusicology have prepared him well to help national believers to produce ethnic worship music. Among others, he has worked on projects in Sudan, North Africa, Lebanon and Kosova. For the last 12 years Andre has been on staff with Horizons International with numerous responsibilities not the least of which is teaching in the Engaging Islam seminars in various locations nationally and globally.Andre has a passion to see the missionary movement restored to its biblical roots. Andre is also president of Sambah Naturals, a mother company for Zambian Soap company and Zambeezi organic lip balm

The Global Zoo

This post has been revised from Original, enough so, it's worth a re-read. Please leave comments! On the cover of almost every missions brochure you can find the same thing: Glossy color photos of exotic faces. A henna-covered woman in a veil, a weathered-faced man...

Contextualization and the Ethics of Translation

Contextualization and the Ethics of Translation

by Andre Houssney C.S. Lewis once wrote in a letter: "Odd, the way the less the Bible is read the more it is translated." Despite a declining interest in scripture distribution, new contextualist 'translations,' have become quite in vogue. Much of what they call...

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