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The Journal of Biblical Missiology is committed to building a strong, Bible-centered foundation for Bible translators worldwide. You’ll find articles on Bible translation methodology, reviews on the latest translation releases, and discussions on the everyday, practical elements of translation.

Honoring the authority of the Bible … down to every single verse.

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Video: Translating the Word of God, by Mike Tisdell

In this video taken at the 2018 Biblical Missiology Pre-Conference Consultation, Mike Tisdell explains core concepts of Bible translation. Covering common methods and issues in translation practice, Tisdell explores how various approaches, including Insider Movement...

[VIDEO] Muslim Idiom Translations

Mike Tisdell, Mark Durie, Georges Houssney, Adam Simnowitz and David Harriman have a discussion on Muslim idiom translations of the Bible.

Saluting Fresh Research on Muslim-idiom Translations

Saluting Fresh Research on Muslim-idiom Translations

Adam Simnowitz makes an important contribution to missiology with his recent thesis regarding Eugene Nida’s influence on Muslim Idiom Bible Translations (MITs). I believe that in future decades people will look back on Simnowitz’ research as a turning point—a hinge in...

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