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The phenomena of Muslim “Insider Movements” is becoming increasingly popular in missions methodology. The movement encourages converts to maintain their socio-religious identity and community while still following Jesus. Especially popular among missions to Muslims, the movement has also spawned a growing number of “Muslim Idiom Translations.” The following articles are designed to discuss this growing trend in light of a biblical view of missions.

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Is the Iranian Revival an “Insider Movement?”

Is the Iranian Revival an “Insider Movement?”

Is the Iranian Revival an "Insider Movement?" Nothing could be further from the truth.  The blood of Iranian martyrs for Christ is crying to me from the ground, so I must offer this reflection in their memory. I write specifically in response to a post on the...

Editorial: Insiders and Separatists, to Assimilate or to Burn?

I am sure you watched on the news the church in Florida that is going to commemorate the anniversary of the September 11th terror attacks with the burning of the Qur'an. One of the biggest questions we have been discussing on this journal has been contextualization....


Insider-Outsider, what do these words really mean? Everyone is an insider. The Insider Movement naively views Islam as culturally monolithic. There are numerous subcultures in the 56 Muslim nations. Shites do not mix well with Sunnis and mosques are segregated. Kurds...

What is wrong with the Insider Movement?

What is wrong with the Insider Movement?

Note: To make a comment please click below on the word (comment). I would love to hear from you. Among the many approaches in ministry to Muslims the most disturbing is what has been called the Insider Movement. Those who promote this approach believe that...

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