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Missiology (mi-sē-ˈä-lə-jē) noun

1. The theological study of the mission of the church, especially the character and purpose of missionary work.
2. The academic study of Christian mission history and methodology.

Islamic Culture?

Islamic Culture? What is that? If you can define Christian culture, then you can define Islamic culture. Only then are we comparing apples with apples. I have read in missiological literature statements emphatically denying that there is a Christian culture. Yet the...

Kingdom Thinking in Ministry to Muslims

Most Christians see the coming of Christ from a very ego-centric angle. Brian Fikkert surveyed 265 Christian Freshmen at Covenant College. To the question: "Why did Jesus come to earth?" The vast majority (91%) replied that Jesus came to die on the cross to save the...

The Journal of Biblical Missiology

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