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Biblical Missiology is a consortium of several organizations. We encourage individuals who want to promote Biblically-based models of Missions to join in and support our efforts in educating the church.

We need your help by:

  • Telling others about us by:
    • Forwarding articles to your friends, family, ministers, churches, and fellow believes
    • Use your social networks like Twitter and Facebook to promote the site.
    • Talk to others about the site face to face and encourage them to subscribe to the RSS feed and read past, current, and future articles.
  • Learn with others about it:

The articles on Biblical Missiology are excellent materials to create conversations for Small Groups, Bible Studies, and Missional communities. They are perfect for Mission Organizations and Missionary teams to discuss to gain a group stance on the issue. While we hope you’ll agree with us, even discussing the articles will benefit you and draw you hopefully closer into the Word of God.

  • Submit Articles & Reviews:

We are always looking for new articles that take a biblical perspective on the issues today. Whether insights on how to do biblical missions from the Word of God, critical analysis of methodologies and strategies that seemed to have strayed a little or a lot from the Word of God, or book and training reviews and even interviews that do so in light of the Word of God. Please contact us through out Contact Form about your idea.

  • Financially Support us:

This journal takes a lot of work to put on. It takes more and more everyday. We are excited about what Biblical Missiology has accomplished and have great plans for it. Not only do we need to raise funds for staff, trips, conferences, etc… We have a vision of completely re-doing the site to better reflect our purpose and passion of promoting biblical missiological practices and bring to light ones that have missed the mark. Server hosting isn’t as cheap as one might think, and right now we run the site on a mis-match of open-source software. Thus, we need to consolidate and upgrade a lot of backend technologies. Will you join in and help us financially? Giving $5? $10, or substantially more? Talking to others about giving? Your church? Mission Organization? Ministry?  Please contact us through out Contact Form about your desire to partner with us in giving.