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Quinn Taber

After a childhood spent watching his parents’ work in ministry to the Muslim world, Quinn decided at an early age to dedicate his life to serving the church in the Middle East. While a student in Southern California he exhibited this focus through a multitude of leadership projects, internships, and mission trips to the Middle East. Upon graduating from Pepperdine University he quickly raised support and moved to Beirut to serve alongside the local Horizons International team. Today Quinn is passionate about equipping local leaders for ministry through media and business, while he is also hard at work learning Arabic.

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  1. Pierre Houssney

    Great article bro – it’s a blessing to have you serving in the Middle East!

    I think it’s amazing how Barnabas supported and encouraged Paul, even to exceed himself in impact and notoriety. It takes a lot of security in one’s identity in Christ to do that, and an unwavering commitment to the Kingdom over personal agendas.

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